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Link Up

Kreativworkshop Lehrer-Fortbildung

The teacher training workshop 'Link Up' presented a group of school teachers with the opportunity to gain a practical insight into gooeyTEAM’s particular artistic and participative methodology. The topic was screen-based media and use, particularly in the context of schools and young people. The teachers were asked to work in teams creating costumes and props to be used in mini-performances in relation to the topic, and discussing online virtual presence and identity as well as perception of 2D/3D realities.

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Want to do a Gooey in your venue?

The performance: Doing the Gooey is a carefully structured installative performance stemming from workshops with participants. The performance itself has variable durations: either a performance of 40-90 minutes per day or 2-3 shorter bouts of 20-30 minute performances per day. The installation itself is static and can remain in place after and before use. The principle idea is to create a physical rendition of a fictious on-screen GUI (graphical user interface) relying on human players and simple materials as it's 'lifesource'. Two main characters, the user (logs-in and gives commands) and the ball boy (carries out the commands and ensures the smooth' function of the gooey), carry out the actions 'normally' conducted on a flattened, on-screen environment.

The workshop with a group of participants: Day one introduces the different roles (user & ball boy) and the structure of the gooey, it's tools and functions and how these can be used and performed and the allocation of groups and pairs. On the second day each group develops their own 'disturbance' element, (for example a screen saver, pop-up windows etc.) using a number of basic materials. The workshop will be concluded on the third (or second) day with a general rehearsal in preparation for the final performance.